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The company has been active in the production and supply of raw materials for the steel industry since 2015, including iron ore, iron concentrate, iron pellets, sponge iron and briquettes, steel ingots, rebars and steel sheets.

Simurgh Steel Complex Companies

The complex has five separate units, including a mining unit, a pelletizing unit, a direct regeneration unit, a steel plant and a supply unit for ancillary products, including steel scrap. Subsidiary companies active in each unit of Simurgh Steel Industrial and Mining Complex, in line with the size and organizational goals of the entire complex, work to produce and supply products.


Iron ore products in hematite and magnetite, concentrate, pellets, sponge iron, sponge iron briquettes, iron and steel ingots in billet, slab and bloom shapes, rebar in various types of branches and coils and by-products of scrap iron, the most important products Can be supplied in this collection.


This company is under the supervision of Ms. Leila Nematzadeh as the founder and CEO of the company, management and personnel are delegated responsibilities and work according to her discretion.

Missions and plans

Simurgh Industrial and Mining Complex is located in the East Azarbaijan province of Tabriz. Construction of a number of production units, warehouses and sheds in Isfahan, Yazd, Ahvaz, Mashhad, Bandar Abbas and Tehran is underway due to the available resources of the sub-units and of course with the aim of improving the supply process.

Also, the development of export infrastructure with the aim of making possible the productivity of God-given blessings in Iran, including rich iron ore mines and pure human resources with the development of Iranian steel products consumption markets in the world according to the current needs of international markets for these products. And the company’s main plans. The possibility of exchanging products in different parts of the world between countries through exports is the most important need for all human beings to enjoy all the facilities and blessings that God Almighty has promised to human beings in different parts of the world.

Customer Orientation

Simurgh Industrial and Mining Complex tries to fulfill its obligations to its customers and consumers by benefiting from specialized and committed personnel. The complex believes that improving the level of knowledge and ability of personnel will accelerate the achievement of the goals of the collection and also achieve the satisfaction of consumers and valued customers. Therefore, he considers the training of the staff and personnel of the complex and cooperation with the creative forces as an integral part of his activity.

Facilitating the provision of products and services to consumers and valued customers is part of customer orientation. Therefore, the collection, especially in the sales department, always uses the latest world methods and special facilities to facilitate and expedite the receipt of orders and timely delivery.

Online sales unit

Registering online orders and direct access to complex sales consultants in all five units and subsidiaries is one of the most effective measures the complex has taken in recent years. Success in online sales of products in the domestic market, exports, as well as in the international trade section of the complex, requires infrastructure that the Azerbaijan Simurgh Steel Complex has successfully prepared. Such as international accounts to expedite and facilitate financial transfers, cooperation with reputable world-renowned inspection companies, cooperation with capable and reputable domestic and international transportation companies, creating a powerful and creative sales structure that specializes in the use of technology, they have modern ones and provide them to the complex.Simurgh Industrial and Mining Complex

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Why Azerbaijan Simurgh?


Azerbaijan Simurgh Complex has several years of experience in selling all kinds of iron and steel.


Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of our collection in relation to customers.


A good price cannot be the only effective parameter in a contract and other services are effective.


The products in our collection are of high quality, so that the customer is highly satisfied.


Our experienced sales team is ready to answer your specialized questions Dear customers.


Our support team is ready 24 hours a day to answer your questions, problems and criticisms regarding products.

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