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With the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of domestic products, Group Azerbaijan Simurgh started its activities in the field of sales and export of types Iron and steel. Customer service is one of the main programs of our business and based on this, all our efforts to provide customer satisfaction and a good shopping experience are in the minds of our dear customers.

Our Products

Iron Ore

Iron ore is a mineral in which a significant percentage of the Fe element is extracted. Mineralogically, iron ore can be classified into the following five groups...

Sponge iron fines

Sponge iron fines is a sponge iron under the head that contains the broken seeds of sponge iron and its softness and soil. This product has various uses...

Iron Ore Pellets

Iron ore pellets are obtained during the pelletizing process from iron ore concentrate. Iron pellets are 6 to 25 mm porous pellets that often have a purity...

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